Release of Funds

In order to obtain or retain ongoing access to funding for research involving human participants or research, teaching or testing using animals, researchers must have an active ACUC or REB approval of the research supported by the grant or contract.

However, sometimes the first months or years of a grant do not involve human participant or animal use. Preparing (and reviewing) a complete ethics application during this phase of the project may be impossible. The release of funds process enables researchers to access their funding pending preparation and approval of a fully developed ethics application. Access to the funds budgeted for up to one year of the project are available via a request for a Release of Funds.

Approval of the release of funds application will result in the generation of a “Release of Funds Agreement” in which the researcher explicitly agrees they will not conduct any human participant research until after they have obtained ACUC/ REB approval for the research.

The maximum duration of a release of funds agreement is one year; it is the responsibility of the researcher to (a) renew this agreement or (b) obtain ethics approval prior to the expiry date.

If the applicant has a multi-year award and human participant research or animal use will not begin until later in Year 2 or Year 3, the release of funds agreement will need to be renewed.